Grabaciones del cuarto blanco

by Bishop UPG

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We have few important things to tell you about this album:

It was unreleased for 14 years, until now. It is our first entirely electronic music release and no, we’re not making any changes in the label, we’re just opening our doors to more interesting music styles. We didn’t an artwork for it because the artist asked us to don’t change the original cover (the one you see). And this time the artist is going to tell you the story behind his record.


Subversive music by mexican electronic music pioneer: Luis Murillo (a.k.a. Bishop UPG).

We are very happy releasing this intimate album by Bishop. SoundLAB’s trying to start an ambitious project: to be a platform for historical music register of ‘experimental’ music, electronics and sound arts. For anyone who wants or needs to make a subsequent research into this sound recordings.


"In 1999, tired of the post-rave scene and how little proactive it had become, and as a way of seeking self-criticism and leave the old patterns that had already cracked by the overfished and empty “scene", I started to experiment with ‘Noise’ and ‘Field recordings’ with no intention of releasing something seriously. Such exercises were not intended to find a route or place in anyone’s taste, they were just to continue “training" with other tools that then seemed not to be considered. So much so that in those years the tracks were allowed in some old shared computer, and I knew that at some point those tracks would be erased from the hard drive, even I didn’t consider it like tracks but music exercises of continuity and personal search.

It was time to leave the old and beautiful times lived, to invoke an old habit of punk: to be self-destructive and rebuild everything again. Just to explore a different territory, not the Noise itself, nor the sound/musical experimentation, it was more like a break.

Few years later I would receive an e-mail to ask permission to put a track of these exercises in a national compilation. Who would have thought that it would be part of the tracklist of the first compilation released by Discos Konfort ‘Mínimas Texturas 001’? But also to start a new infinitely wonderful adventure. That would be the beginning of one of the most glorious moments in this noble profession.
It was thanks to Miguel González and his mail that we would begin to draw together a new Discos Konfort’s path to fill a gap that we, as artists, felt in our environment, alongside other projects that took off around the country to seek their own and distinct musical identity, but Discos Konfort would progress in Mexico City.

With Discos Konfort I ‘graduated’, I understood better the route I wanted to take and I learned to trace my way, despite the criticism and bad reviews (which were many!). The only thing you must do is to continue and move forward to forge your own identity that inadvertently, at least for me, compliments my ‘search’ as an electronic musician. A ‘search’ that few years before, I noticed it was borning inside me.

It’s been 14 years since these exercises were performed, 11 years since the release of the compilation and 8 years ago that the difference in interests (and my own self-destruction was invoked again) led me to leave the ranks of Discos Konfort, who I take on the heart and I’ll always be grateful to the people who believed and trusted me, especially Miguel González (a.k.a. Zofa), who never failed to attribute a special interest to take a risks in the new paths of the music of that time.

It’s only a month that by a casuality I found a backup of these exercises, a CD that one of my old teammates did well to rescue from that old computer to burn it and hand it over long ago, well, for this personal and intimate story, I’m grateful to share with you through the MYRDAL SoundLAB and my SoundCloud account this 8 exercises. And let them available to anyone interested in using them, hear them or whatever they want, is a personal celebration that I share with whom consider giving my music a chance to be heard."

—Luis A. Murillo Ruíz (a.k.a. Bishop).





released July 22, 2013

℗1999 / 2013 MYRDAL. SoundLAB
©Bishop UPG



all rights reserved


MYRDAL SoundLAB Torreón, Mexico

We have great respect for the noise and silence.

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